Top Buyer Misconceptions

You need a 20% down payment to get a mortgage Most people who are buying a house for the first time still believe they need a twenty percent down payment before they can get approved for a mortgage. This was true decades ago, but a lot has changed in recent times, including that little story. … Continue reading Top Buyer Misconceptions


5 Home Projects to Tackle this Spring

March means the weather is (hopefully) warming up. It’s the perfect time to get ahead on home maintenance. Here are a few projects to focus on during a spring fling of home repair. 1. Wash away the winter Power washing your home's exterior not only adds to its sparkle, but also blasts away any potentially … Continue reading 5 Home Projects to Tackle this Spring

Four Ways for Diehard Fans to Celebrate March Madness

If you or someone you know plans the month of March around a college basketball tournament every year — you're not alone. Many hoop fans around the country don't just love college basketball, they pour their hearts and souls into the game. Certain fans are even part of a multi-generational family legacy of sporting their … Continue reading Four Ways for Diehard Fans to Celebrate March Madness

Vacation Property: Dream Responsibly

It happens a lot. The dream vacation on the beach, at the lake or on the ski slopes suddenly morphs into a dream of buying a piece of paradise. If you're considering buying a property in your dream getaway area, here are some preparatory steps you can take as you embark on your search: Decide … Continue reading Vacation Property: Dream Responsibly

Don’t Push Your Luck – 4 Signs To Go With A Pro

Even with St. Patrick’s Day, finding the right place to call home requires more than luck. It requires the skill and insight of a professional. If you're in the process of buying a home, here are 4 signs for when it's time to call in an agent. 1. You realize the inaccuracies of the internet … Continue reading Don’t Push Your Luck – 4 Signs To Go With A Pro